Tips to Reduce Worry and Anxiety

Recently, I have seen an increase in the number of clients who are suffering with worry and anxiety.   They describe it as overwhelming  along with a sense of helplessness.    The rumination takes on a life of its own , robbing one of a sense of peace and the joy of being in the present moment.   So, I wanted to share some tips that I offer to my clients to help them through these difficult times

The following ‘focusing’ method is from Eugene Gendlin’s work.   He describes clearing a space in the mind to turn off and quiet the ruminative mind.   This method begins with sitting quietly with the eyes closed and focusing on an image of an open container ready to receive every issue on your mind.  Then see and name each issue or worry and imagine putting it into the container.  When no more issues come to mind, mentally ‘put the lid’ on the container and place it on a shelf or in some other out of the way place until you need to go back to get something from it.   Once the container is on the shelf, invite into the space left in your mind, whatever is the most important current thought or feeling.   Perhaps you are at the office and need to think about work related issues, or need to focus on shopping or want to focus on what friends are saying,   At night, right before sleep, invite a peaceful thought to focus on while drifting off.

If you prefer a tangible to a metaphorical/Spiritual technique ; you can use Al Anon’s ” God Box’, to hold slips of paper.  Each slip of paper has a worry written down that you are turning over to God. The goal of ‘turning it off’ is to give the ruminative mind a chance to rest and calm down.  As well as the sense of connection and support to the Divine.

Thirdly,  Worry well but only once.  With this method there are 5 steps: 1)  Worry through all the issues. 2) Do anything that must be done at the present time.  3) Set a time when it will be necessary to think about the worry again.  4) Write that time on a calendar 5) Whenever the thought pops up again, say “Stop, I already worried!”  and divert your thoughts as quickly as possible to another activity .

It is critical with this above method to cover all the bases , but 10 minutes , surprisingly , is an adequate amount of time in which to do that.   For example, I had a client who was very worried about upcoming surgery.  At the end of the worry period, she agreed that she had no other worries related to the surgery , so we set a time at which she thought she’d need to think about the problem again.  We agreed that the next time she should let the possibility of surgery cross her mind , was when the Dr. Office called with the results.   Until that moment, any thought would be counterproductive.  She wrote in her PDA that she could worry again at 4pm on tuesday afternoon , by which time the results would be in and the surgeon had promised to call.   If she hadn’t heard at that point, then she could start worrying and we made a list she could carry around with her that enumerated some distractions to use.   My client said this helped her because if she started going over the plan over and over, she said to herself ; “Stop! I have a plan!”   She also relayed it helped to stop endless reassurance seeking , because it provided her written solutions even to problems this client thought hopelessly complex.

The key to the effectiveness of any of these techniques is to practice.  The mind learns through repetition and as they say, ‘what fires together , wires together.’  So as you continuously utilize these techniques, the mind becomes more familiar and adept at building new, healthy responses to old and new anxious situations.

May this be of help and more tips coming!

Thoughts to Help Keep your Mind More Positive

Many of us become pulled down into negative thinking.  This occurs through our self- defeating , negative, critical thoughts and our reactions to events and others.

Thus , let us look at how to keep your mind in a more positive state.  How to think positive thoughts about anything, how to experience positive emotions no matter what is happening around us.  If you watch the news, you realize that there is a lot of negativity occurring.  It is not necessary to cover them over and repress how you really feel, however, it is important to get some perspective and to opt our of the negative  at least some of the time in order you do not get pulled down into the negative energy.

We all carry scripts, thoughts and critical ideas about things.  Sadly, many people have strong self-defeated voices inside them.  Many individuals feel they have failed in some way, others are critical of their bodies , while others are dealing with worries concerning their health.   Others do not like their work or feel they will never make the amount of money they have dreamed about.  Other times people feel they will never succeed at reaching goals . Sometimes we are carrying around  a lot of old hurts especially from those we had trusted.   Often these negative thoughts and patterns have been reinforced from the time we were young. Thus it is difficult at times to maintain a positive frame of mind.

However, you can allow them and let yourself feel these recurring negative thoughts and feelings. Allow those thoughts and feelings to come up and move through them.  There are ways to do this and transform those unwanted thoughts and feelings.

There is a part of ourselves that is truly positive.  It is the core of who we truly are; this part has been referred to as the Higher Self,  True Self, Authentic Self, or Wise Self.   It is filled with love, light and healing power.  When we access this place within, it is then impossible to identify with these negative thoughts and feelings.  Thus, it is very important that we reach this part of ourself as often as possible.

One way to reach this Higher Self, is through meditation.  When we meditate on a regular basis, we are able to release the layers of negativity and access this positive part of ourselves.  Through my experience and understanding, underneath the layers of negativity exists this True Higher Self.  When we go deep enough inside to this place, we can heal anger, fear, negative thinking, anxious thinking and so forth.

One way to meditate , is to become quiet and close your eyes.   Begin focusing on your breathing.  Some people like to count backwards from 100-1 allowing themselves to go deeper with each number.  You can also repeat a ‘mantra’ such as : ” I AM”  or another positive phrase.  Repeating a positive mantra over and over as you go deeper deeper.  If thoughts intrude, allow them, no worries, just let them pass as if their clouds drifting across the landscape of your mind.  Then simply come back to your breathing , counting and positive mantra.    Through practice, you will gradually go deeper each time , accessing this place of love, peace, positivity, endless possibilities etc. more and more.

In future posts, I will talk more about further ways you can transform and overcome negative thinking.  In the meantime, please practice meditation daily as you cultivate and attitude of gratitude.  Becoming aware of all the things of which you are truly grateful and blessed.


Some Spiritual Techniques for Clearing the Mind

The Persian Lyric Poet Hafêz  wrote:  “I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.”    It is  important for each of us to acknowledge this incredible Light within ourselves.  Looking at some ways, some techniques to bring forth this Light within ourselves.  Especially when we are struggling with negative thoughts, emotions and experiences.

One of the questions  you can ask yourself to open up to the experience of healing is : ” Can I experience more love here?”   Or  “What is it that I need?”   There are many ways to bring unconditional love to self in order to align with your Light.  You can bring love to the child inside or to a part that’s hurt or that feels unloved. You can bring love to your mind and your thoughts or stand back from your mind and surround it with a blanket of pure love.  Bringing in this love can be done through imagining a Great Being, angelic force, or inner guide who lifts you up into higher love.  It can be done through experiencing pure gratitude for all you have, all you are, and all that is coming to you now.

Perhaps thinking of this question as well: ” Can I step back from this and see it in a new way?”   Our Wise Self  also known as Higher Self  can help us to see another way of looking at a problem.  As you become quiet for a few moments, asking your Higher Self to help you see this problem; the negative thoughts, emotions , or experience from Higher Self’s expanded vision.

In doing so, you might be shown that your experience is something that you need to learn from.  You may see that everything is an opportunity to become strong and to come to know God.  You might see that you are blessed and that your own suffering is lighter than you thought. Perhaps you may see that you can shift your thinking and become free from previous suffering.  Thus, when you are able to stand back from your experience, from this expanded vision, your Higher Self will help you to see the underlying truth.

In order to bring more Light into your body, mind, to any situation , you bring forth your power to visualize this Light in a variety of ways:   Visualize/imagine the Light surrounding you and loving you.  Imagine it healing someone who is difficult to love.   Visualize a room , a healing room of Light that absolutely transforms you.  Imagine the Light surrounding an old incident that needs healing .  You can also imagine yourself becoming illuminated and transformed by the Light.

As you imagine and feel this Light , in whatever way or ways feel best for you , you may also think of the following healing questions:  “Can I experience more compassion here?”  “Can I quiet my mind and find peace?”  “What am I learning here?”

Lama Zopa is a great Buddhist monk who is also a beloved author .  One of his books is called: “Transforming Problems into Happiness.”  Some of Lama Zopa’s profound beliefs are as follows:

  1. You can use your problems to train your mind to move to higher states of awareness and happiness. When negative thinking arises, see them as friends and teachers , helping you to see an underlying greater Truth.
  2. Lama Zopa, also spoke of the importance of training your mind to be happy.  That problems are ultimately trying to liberate you.  For example, if someone is angry with you , see their anger with compassion, for they are suffering.  Think of how others are suffering also.  Use your problems as a way to become more spiritual ,  use them to train your mind to be happy.
  3. Shift your negative thoughts by refocusing on uplifting truths which leads to thought transformation

As you look at your experience , describe it , pay attention to it, you can then bring Light to it in any way or ways that feel right to you.  Helping you to move your consciousness to another level, one that is illuminated with Light, peace and well being.

Healing Your Inner World

“You had the power all along, my dear!”   These words are from Glinda, the ‘good witch’, a character in the movie: “The Wizard of Oz.”    These words remind us about our power to go back home and reminding us about our power to go within to the Source of everything.

When we go within ourselves we access our inner world.  This is where our True Self resides, it is here that we connect to the energy of Unconditional love of  self and others, Light, Wisdom, Peace, Compassion , Forgiveness and Healing.

It is very important for each of us to access this place of inner healing.   It reminds me of “The Story of the Oyster.”   ” If you know how to observe nature, you will see that it continuously offers us ways to solve our problems. For example, how does an oyster make a pearl?  First of all, a grain of sand falls into its shell, and this grain of sand is a problem, an irritant.  “Oh,’ says the oyster, ‘how can I get rid of this?  It is scratching me ; it irritates me.  What can I do?’  It begins to think; it concentrates ; it meditates……And one day it begins to secrete a special substance that envelops this irritating grain of sand in such a way that it becomes smooth, velvety and polished.  And when it has succeeded, it is happy and says to itself: ” I have overcome a difficulty , I have transformed it!’  This is the lesson of the pearl oyster.  It teaches you to go within , that by means of thought, you can envelop your worries and frustrations in a luminous, iridescent substance, and in doing so , you amass extraordinary riches within you.  True spiritualists are those who know how to work on their problems and turn them into precious pearls.”  ~~Omraam Michael

As we go within , we find gifts, healing at deep levels.  Some ways to get there are meditation, prayer, mantras , breathing and working with the mind for spiritual comfort and self realization.

One effective way to go within is a technique utilizing self hypnosis .  You can either sit down or lie down in a comfortable position  and close your eyes.  Then take a nice slow breath in and let it out slowly five times. Next, count backwards from five to one.  When you reach one, put your thumb and index finger together on either hand and just allow yourself to relax.  Think to yourself this phrase: ” I am completely relaxed.”

As you reach this place of your inner world, a place of profound healing deep at the core of your True Self. First allowing yourself to experience anything that might be going on inside.  Just allow yourself to experience it as the witness.  Just watch it without judging, without wishing to change.  And now you are able to relate it , to just let it go , if you like.  Perhaps you can imagine that somehow if it’s time for it to let go, it will let go.  Maybe it will turn into another form, a liquid, or a little tiny molecule of energy.  Or a form that is easy to let go of.   You may want to breath into it and just let it go, taking several deep slow breaths as you continue to breathe into it and let it go.

Now, Imagine yourself feel good, you may wish to also imagine some other type of transformation.  Perhaps its turning into light or the feelings of love.  Perhaps the feelings of great well being and maybe some profound wisdom is coming to you.   If that is the case, if there is some wisdom that wants to come through, just allow it to come through.   Listen carefully so your True Self can share with you anything it is ready to share.  Whenever you are ready to come fully back to a wide awake fully alert state you can do so at anytime by simply opening your eyes and saying to yourself: “I am fully alert and awake.”

While you in this self hypnotic state, if there is anything within that is in need of healing, you can bring light and Divine presence to this part. You can bring light or use beautiful golden balls of light .  Let them remove and transform anything within you for which its time to transform.   Just bring the light to yourself, the beautiful healing light .  Let it come from inside of you and let it come from outside of you.  To you as beams of beautiful healing light.  You can ask your True Self which resides in this very deep level within to just let things go , and transform them , as you move from darkness into light; entering a new level of your life.  You’ve come to a state of Oneness , finding comfort and peace .  You are connected with the great power of inner healing.   You know that as you access this inner world, that love, healing power, kindness, consciousness and God flow through you as you.  Bringing all this healing forth into every aspect of your daily life , becoming a permanent part of you and permanent part of your personality and reality.

Visualizing Yourself as You Wish to Be

There is a potential  that lies inside in seed form that is what you are becoming.  You might be able to see it or feel it or just know it is there.  It is extremely valuable and powerful to be able to birth a new vision for yourself, your life, and the world on the level of the deep inner mind.

Through the utilization of self hypnosis, you can enter the deeper levels of the mind and create and bring forth your desired goals.   When in self hypnosis, we enter a trance state and can thus communicate effectively and directly with our unconscious mind.  We can begin to challenge those deeply held negative beliefs.  You can replace your old programming from childhood with an accurate self assessment based on your present knowledge and recognition of strengths.  You can let go of the old rules about who you should have been, how you should act, and what you should feel.  You can release those ‘shoulds’ in your life through the use of self hypnosis and reconnect to who you truly are.  Your true potential.

In self hypnosis, you are defining a goal you wish to reach; birthing that new vision for yourself and your life.  In defining what you want, you are taking back control of your life and also being very clear about what you wish to bring into your life.   Visualizing what you want to happen , what you want to create in your life,  not what you do not wish to happen.  Visualization  is a powerful, proven technique for refining your self image and making important changes in your life.  When you visualize what you want in trance in the state of self hypnosis, imagining these positive scenes, you begin to manifest it into your life.

The interesting thing about visualization, is that whether or not you believe in its effectiveness, it does not matter.  That is, your mind is structured in such  a way that visualization works because your mind cannot tell the difference between a visualization and an actual event.  Since the mind controls the body, it causes a similar physiological reaction to imaginary experiences as to real experiences.  For example, studies at Stanford University have proven via pet scans that the brain reacts the same way whether something is real or imagined.  In these studies, the brain lit up exactly the same way if the individual saw the color red or it the individual only imagined the color red.

You are using visualization in our life right now.  However, if one has self esteem issues for example, that person does it in reverse.  He or she visualizes and subsequently chooses the negative path.  That person may see himself or herself as unworthy and so expect and choose to lose, be rejected , to be disappointed, to be depressed and to be anxious.  Unfortunately, we gravitate towards negative and painful situations and people.   However, in self hypnosis, the positive affirmations repeated in trance begin to take effect.  After repeating the affirmations and taking oneself into hypnosis, you see self achieving your goal.  You visualize yourself with the new patterns of behavior you so desire.   You hear self saying to others how the new , positive behavior and attitude is working in your life.  Finally, allowing self to really feel this difference on this very deep level of the mind.

These positive visualizations come forth and merge with these new , positive, healthy , loving and life affirming thoughts and feelings.  The old negative programming will let go as you practice daily self hypnosis.

If you wish to learn more about self hypnosis, please join me in the next self hypnosis class offered 4/21/18.  Please visit my website: for more information .   Experience for yourself the power of positive visualization and begin the process of healthy, positive change in your life.

Three Effective Ways to Reduce Stress

In my private practice, I have had the privilege of helping and guiding clients to reduce stress and create an effective stress management plan that works for them.  I would like to share that information with you and provide you with tools and techniques that I use with my clients to help you reduce stress.

As we know, stress is our internal reaction to outside stimuli.  Literally hundreds of factors can cause stress, from noise to resentment to fatigue to emotional upsets, lack of sleep and even a poor diet.  If we cannot change the situation or environment that is causing the stress, we do have the power within us to change our reaction to it.  It is helpful to notice ahead of time that we do have choices during stressful times.  So now let’s concentrate on some techniques which will relieve your stress, helping you to feel in control, calm and centered during stressful times.

Grounding cord technique:  Removing homework, to do lists, people , even the laundry from your immediate vicinity is a helpful way to reduce stress. Using your imagination,let’s create a sound cord.  Take a deep breath and close your eyes.  Picturing, imagining , or just knowing it to be, visualize a cord attached to the base of your spine and traveling all the way down to the center of the earth.  Allow the cord to expand to size that is comfortable for you. And now, release and stress, tension, or anxiety that you may be experiencing.   Release and let of of those irritations,  the extra home work or to do do list sitting on your desk, release and let go of all negative emotions.  Now, sigh  deeply, letting out a sound of deep relief as the air rushes out of your lungs.  Don’t think about inhaling —-just let the air come in naturally.   And again,  sigh deeply.   With each sign you are releasing stress, tension and negativity.  Continue to sigh until you feel more relaxed.   Remember where you are in your room, wiggle your toes and fingers and when you are ready open your eyes.

Visualization:  Visualization is a powerful key to reducing stress because the subconscious mind does to know the difference between a visualization and an actual event.  Combine with humor it has even more impact.  Let’s do an exercise now which will demonstrate this technique.  Take a deep breath and close your eyes.   Imagine someone who irritates or annoys you.  As you watch this person, become aware of any tension or negative emotions that you may be experiencing.   Now, imagine this person with an elephant nose or Dumbo like ears, or anything else that amuses you.

In what way does that change your experience ?  What happens to the negative emotions?  How do you feel physically ? Emotionally ?

Now remember where you are in the room, wiggle your fingers and toes and when you are ready , open your eyes.

Image Rehearsal:

Practice acting rather than reacting to the stressful situations you encounter.  If you want to feel calmer and more in control, for example, see yourself with that behavior . If you wish to feel calmer think about under what circumstances and with which people you need to be calmer.  Now write down one stressful situation you encountered recently.   The first one that comes to mind.  Then write down a new response to this same situation ; responding in a way in which you are calm and in control.  Describing exactly how you wished you had handled that situation in a relaxed and calm way.

Take a deep breath and close your eyes.  Now remember the scene your created on paper a few moments ago.   See yourself calm in control.  Notice your surroundings and fill in as many details as you can.  Notice what you are wearing.  Feel all the emotions. Spend a few moments here allowing yourself to rehearse this new behavior .  Notice how good it feels to act and react the way you want.  You are in complete control of  your own responses.

Finish up your scene now, and remember where you are in the room. Wiggle your fingers and toes , and when you are ready, open your eyes.

I hope you find these techniques very helpful and I look forward to sharing some more techniques next time!

We Heal on all Three Levels of the Mind

When I was learning about the power of the mind during my hypnotherapy courses, I was captivated  to learn that we heal on all three levels of the mind:  Consciously, Unconsciously and on the level of Spirit Consciousness.

The conscious mind is the thinking mind, it is involved with our constant thoughts , everyday actions, logic and judgment.  it is analytical, reasoning and intellectual.  I recall being stunned when I learned this level of the mind hold only 10% of our power, 90% of our power comes from the unconscious mind.  The unconscious mind many times is likened to a huge DVD, a database, search engine, or storage house of all life experiences, traumas, fears, events, emotional obstacles, imprints, impressions, beliefs and is also the level of the mind that receives suggestions.  This occurs while we are in a hypnotic trance either with a therapist, utilizing self hypnosis or listening to a hypnotic recording.

The conscious and unconscious levels of the mind are also compared to an iceberg.  That is, the tip of the iceberg which is visible, represents the conscious mind and the enormous, vast mass of the iceberg which lies invisible beneath the surface of the water is the uncoils mind.

During my previous professional life as a nurse, I came to understand the great power of the unconscious mind.   It controls a multitude of processes within the body.  This level of the mind never sleeps , it keeps our hearts beating, keeps us breathing, hair growing, good digesting, repairing cells and many many other processes of the body without any conscious awareness or effort on our part.

The unconscious mind has received and recorded everything that has ever happened to us since we came into existence.  Though we may not consciously remember all of these things, the unconscious mind remembers and we are actually behaving from these imprints, impressions, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, opinions , and experiences.  It is as if a computer program were continually running yet we are not consciously aware of all that exists in the programming.   When we go within during hypnosis, we are accessing the unconscious mind and communicating with this level in order to remove blocks and to utilize the power of the unconscious mind.   In this way, we cease to be a victim to the old outdated recordings which no longer serves us.  Especially those which keep us stuck in old paradigms , old negative, harmful patterns.   This frees us to bring into our lives what we want ; free to love, nurture, nourish and find The Truth within ourselves.

The third level of the mind is extremely important in healing and accessing our True self and purpose.   This is the level of Spirit Consciousness, it is in this third level of the mind where the Higher Self or the True Self resides.  The bridge from conscious mind to Spirit Consciousness lies in the unconscious mind.  As we go within during hypnosis as mentioned , we remove the blocks that had previously prevented u from reaching our True Self.  It is here in this level of the mind which encompasses the energy of unconditional  love of self and others, Light, Wisdom, Peace, Truth, Compassion and Forgiveness.  Leading us to know our True Self and connecting to our true purpose, path,  and passion thus leading us forward in very healthy, powerful and positive ways.

Essential Steps For Body/Mind Balance

This  post is a reprint from a wonderful article on the essential nature of balance by Katherine Zimmerman who is an internationally known writer and speaker  as well as the Director of the California Hypnotherapy Academy:

‘As a culture we are hell-bent on accomplishing tasks, aren’t we?  We strive to be more productive, to book a few more activities, to achieve one more goal, see one more movie , read all the books that we can….it’s just endless.’

‘We are too often overbooked, overwhelmed, overworked and rushing from one activity to another, completely ignoring our inner needs.  We can keep up that pace for quite awhile but eventually there is a price to pay.’

‘Before I moved to San Diego  I was working six and one-half days a week, every week for several years.  I was attempting to make enough money to cover my overhead and provide myself with an income. it was exhausting.  I felt as if I was dancing as fast as I could , but never fast enough.’

‘Naturally, when I arrived her I decided to take four months off to rest up and get settled.  I ended up taking a year and four months off.  And that’s what I mean when I say there is a price to pay.’

‘So here are some ideas that you may wish to incorporate into you life to help you live a more balanced life.’

‘For your mental health , practice meditation or self hypnosis.  Just 15 minutes a day will make a significant difference.  Even if you have to wake up 15 minutes earlier to fit this in, it will be worth it.’

‘To enhance your emotional health, spend time with people you love. Reach out and connect with like-minded friends and family.  They really are just a phone call away.’

‘Physical bodies love to stretch. Did you know that even five minutes of yoga breathing and stretches will help you to feel more comfortable in your body?  I bought a DVD on chair yoga a few years ago.  Now I do my stretches while the water heats for my morning tea.  And I think that is the key: lock your new activity to something else that you do daily.’

‘As for your spiritual health,  connect in whatever way fits into your belief system, but connect.  Whether you’re connecting with your inner self, Source, God, or nature, make that connection part of your daily routine.’

‘Since I wrote this article I have followed my own suggestions .  I was already doing most of it but still working every other waking minute.   I’m more committed now to allowing myself to just be.  Be still. Be open. Be receptive. Be present.’

‘The result? I live a more serene , peaceful and yet still productive live .  Perhaps more productive since when I do work I am full present.  Do I stay in this mindset all day every day ? No, I don’t.  But it is easier now to return to it when I wander off track.’

‘What small change can you make today to bring your life back into balance?’

How to Transform Fear

Through my personal and professional experience, I have seen how many of us get pulled into negativity and fear.   This comes about through our negative, critical thoughts and our reactions to events and others.

So how can we keep our minds in a more positive state?  How can we think positive thoughts and experience positive emotions no matter what is happening within or around us?  Where do these negative/fearful patterns come from?   If you believe in reincarnation, you might have the understanding that we all bring to this lifetime thoughts and patterns from other existences.  From things that have happened to us and difficult events that have had a significant impact upon us.  When something triggers these old patterns, you may become fearful and desperate to heal them.   These patterns keep recurring so that they can be transformed.  Things occur over and over again so that finally we can heal them.

Thus, we need to find the positive part of Self in order to heal ; finally heal those old negative, fearful patterns.   There are things we can do to heal and transform them and  I wish to share some of those ways with you.

Within each us, at our very core, lies our Higher Self or True Self.   This part of ourselves is very wise, loving, peaceful, compassionate, and forgiving.  It is also known as the ‘crown jewel state’ because our Higher Self can create true Spiritual healing power.  When we go to this place within ourselves, then it is impossible to maintain  these negative, fearful thoughts and feelings.  Thus, it is very important to  reach and connect to this  core as often as possible ——which leads most likely to the next question:  How do we get to this core of Self?

One way of doing it is through meditation or self hypnosis.   As a hypnotherapist , I can share a wonderful quick process to do self hypnosis and begin to transform fear and negativity.   The first step is to lie down or sit down in a comfortable position , close your eyes and begin to breathe in slowly and exhale deeply five times.  Then raise your index finger and put it down ; next count backwards slowly from 5 to 1.  Then, put your thumb and index finger together and say silently ” I am deeply relaxed.”   While in this deeply relaxed state you can reach that core of yourself, your Higher Self, True Self.   You can then become the witness to your fears and negativity.   You have the ability here to step back, detach and see these fears from this Higher perspective.  As you become aware of these fearful thoughts, see if you can just allow them and become aware of your ability to transform them.  You can do this with a special type of breathing; breathe into the issue , allow it and notice how it feels inside of you.  And as you exhale, you breathe it out.  You break it up into tiny little molecules and you disperse it or dissolve it into the universe, into the cosmos.  And you do this as many times as you need to or want to.  a nice deep breath in, exhale it out .  Break it up into tiny little molecules and send it out to the universe and disperse it.  Then ask your Higher Self for some Wisdom , what would it like for you to know about these feelings or situation?   What could you do that would help you to heal this?    When you are ready to emerge into a wide awake , fully alert state simply count from 1 to 5 , open your eyes and reorient to your surroundings.

As you are in the process of releasing fear and negativity, you may tell yourself, “No , i am not going to do that.  I am not going to think that way any longer.  I am not having that kind of thinking in my life anymore.”  And you can put your thumb and index finger together and say, ” I am free of fear, I am healing myself now.”

It is very  important for us to honor our feelings , not push them away but please pay attention to them. As the old adage says ; “What we resist, persists.”   So, please pay attention to them, connect to Higher Self through self hypnosis, and  allow, experience,  explore , examine, reframe and release those fearful feelings.

All of our feelings wish to be honored, they wish to be invited in and explored and healed.  As the great Sufi poet Rumi  once said: ” Invite everyone in.  All your feelings, your fear, your anger , your grief.  Invite them in to sit around the table with you.  Who knows , they may be gifts from beyond.”

So please pay attention to your  negative , fearful thoughts and feelings.  When you pay attention to them, they automatically shift.  That is the first step —–then you may explore and heal through self hypnosis and connecting to the Wise True Self who always has great wisdom and answers.  You may reinforce your healing through making that simple connection between the thumb and index finger and say: “I am free of fear, I am healing myself now.”  As you continue to connect to your Higher Self, you step back and go into a higher reality in which the potential for transformation is very great —-leading you to the healing you so deserve and desire.

Mansion with Many Rooms Meditation

My very good friend, Chris Morris, created this beautiful meditation.  It reminds us that we are Spiritual beings having a human existence.  That our Purpose is to reconnect to the core of who we truly are. Knowing that at this core lies great wisdom, power, resources and truth.  We need only tap into that True Self in order to connect to our Beauty, our Gifts and our Worth:

“My energy system is a beautiful mansion with many rooms.  Through many lifetimes , I have created rooms with the raw material of my life experience.  These rooms contain my gifts, talents, challenges and fears.  These rooms are furnished in styles from many different historical periods and they are not necessarily cohesive.  When I am standing in one isolated room, it’s sometimes hard to imagine that the other rooms exist.  I don’t have a clear sense of the layout of the mansion, and there’s no way to navigate easily between the rooms.

The purpose of this lifetime is to reclaim and connect and appreciate these rooms.  This is my lifetime for healing and reclamation and discovering my authentic purpose.  I am the decorator of this house , and god is the architect.  I surrender to God’s blueprint even when I’m unable to see it clearly.

I now open the doors and windows of this mansion to the light of my Higher Self, the self that is one with God.  As the light pours through windows and doors, I can see more clearly the beauty of the rooms and the possibilities for them.  I can see where the new hallways ( neural pathways) can be created to enhance connections.  I can build new doorways and clean out dusty corners.  I see where the light wants to go and follow it.  It is up to me to integrate these rooms, to claim all this richness, and to create in this world.

The only thing I have to fear is the untransformed fear and trauma from past experiences.  My power lies in the now.  I have access to unbelievable resources of knowledge, wisdom, gifts and talents.  As I connect my inner world , my outer world becomes more connected and cohesive.  I no longer feel like I have split personalities –that is: one at work, one at home and with friends.  I Am who I Am who I Am. This is my house.  All of this abundance is mine.  I now manifest my tremendous creativity in ways that are fulfilling , satisfying, and purposeful.  The more I share, the more rich I become.

I integrate my head and my heart, who I am at work, and who I am at home.  I enjoy being physical as much as being spiritual.  I enjoy alone time and I enjoy time with others.  I love being an ordinary person who deeply appreciates her life.  I bless my house with laughter that rings from room to room and floor to floor.

I am more and more powerful as I use “and” instead of “or.”  I release polarities and embrace the incredible richness of who I am.  I am whole and perfect.  I release fears/ghosts and I open to more richness and beauty.  Nothing needs to be added to my house.  It’s about enhancing connections and flow.

I am a mansion with many rooms.

Amen and So Be It.

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